Cambridge East

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Our vision

Having put the Cambridge Airport land forward for inclusion in the Greater Cambridgeshire local plan we want to work alongside the people of Cambridge to create an extraordinary new place providing world-class education, employment and housing opportunities.

Cambridge East will set the new global standard for sustainability and create a complementary cultural hub to serve the City of Cambridge for generations to come.

We will consult extensively with the local community to ensure that Cambridge East is co-created by the people of Cambridge for the people of Cambridge, but are excited to share our initial vision for some of the things we could achieve together as we build and extraordinary future for our great city.

Education & Skills

Cambridge East will build on the established and respected Marshall Apprenticeship Programme by providing a wealth of skills, education and life-long learning opportunities for people of all socio-economic backgrounds and academic abilities, equipping them for a life of self-sufficiency and ensuring that everyone is able to fulfil their true potential.


Cambridge East aspires to be an exemplar for sustainable development. By pioneering new technologies and keeping the long-term welfare of our planet and its people at the heart of every decision we take, we believe we can create a transformative green infrastructure connecting the city with the countryside that sets the new global standard for sustainability.


The development of Cambridge East will be a catalyst for a transport revolution in the city, helping to enable cross-city connectivity by public transport, and unlocking mobility solutions that will make living, working and travelling in Cambridge easy, affordable and better for the environment.


Over the coming decades, Cambridge East has the potential to significantly boost employment in the city, delivering a well-balanced mix of accessible employment opportunities and empowering generations of people in the area to embark on rewarding careers on their own doorstep, whilst also attracting the brightest of talent from around the world.


Cambridge East offers a wide range of versatile, high quality, convenient, sustainable homes, using a range of ownership models to meet the evolving housing needs of current and future generations of Greater Cambridge residents.


Cambridge East will deliver a new, complementary cultural quarter for Cambridge, providing people from all backgrounds with convenient access to a wide range of activities to support a vibrant, multi-cultural city.


Cambridge East will be a place where everyone belongs, coming together to share in an extraordinary vision underpinned by a thriving, inclusive community spirit that makes it an incredibly special and diverse place to live, work and play.