Marshall Skills Academy

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Marshall Skills Academy is our dedicated education and training business, helping to address the industry’s skills shortage by delivering apprenticeships for businesses across the aviation sector, as well as providing our own in-house apprentices.

The Skills Academy model builds on Marshall’s award-winning apprenticeship scheme that has prepared more than 21,000 people for careers in aviation and engineering over the years.

We provide a comprehensive range of technical, regulatory and health and safety training programmes bespoke to the civil and military aviation industry, building on the strength of Marshall’s reputation in this area.

As an organisation holding the UK Civil Aviation Authority Part 147 approval, (UK.147.0131), we have a long history of supporting Maintenance Repair Organisations (MRO) in establishing the highest levels of competency. We provide MROs with a single source, turnkey solution for all aviation maintenance, regulatory, and safety training requirements.

“Marshall apprentices are widely recognised as being amongst the very best in the business and are much sought-after in the industry.”

Dan Edwards

General Manager, Marshall Skills Academy

Marshall Skills Academy