Marshall Land Systems

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Marshall Land Systems specialises in the design and production of operational infrastructure and mission systems to support humanitarian, defence, and security operations across the globe.

Our standardised rapidly deployable container products include workshops, command and control systems, laboratories, operating theatres, and CT scanners, amongst others—all of which are designed to perform in the most hostile of environments.

Through our integration expertise, we equip land vehicles and other platforms with specialist capabilities such as explosive ordinance disposal or ground-based air defence.

We also offer a complete in-life managed service provision to ensure customer equipment is ready and available wherever and whenever it is needed.

Marshall Land Systems is headquartered in the UK with operations in Canada, the Netherlands, and the Middle East.

“The work that we do provides vital protection for armed forces on deployment in some of the world’s toughest environments.”

Gary Moynehan

Managing Director, Marshall Land Systems

Marshall Land Systems