Marshall Aerospace

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With locations in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Canada and USA, the primary focus of the Marshall Aerospace business is the delivery of routine maintenance, modifications and repairs to the iconic Hercules C-130 transport aircraft.

Having been working with the aircraft for over 50 years, the team has a hard-earned reputation as a global authority on the C-130 platform, boasting unrivalled engineering experience and expertise that makes it hard to beat.

With a customer portfolio of Air Forces from across the globe, Marshall Aerospace continues to cement its market-leading position, winning new customers and helping to keep their fleets relevant and ready for service.

In addition to this core activity, Marshall also operates an Aerostructures business which specialises in the design and manufacture of auxiliary Fuel Systems and Tanks which are used to extend multi-mission Maritime Aircraft flight range.

“We are incredibly proud of the work that we do to keep our customer aircraft mission ready enabling them to protect people in critical situations.”

Neil McManus

Managing Director, Marshall Aerospace