Marshall Futureworx

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Formed in 2021, Futureworx is a standalone business comprising some of our very best engineering talent, relentlessly focused on identifying and defining the next generation of Marshall products that will take us into exciting new technologies, markets and customers.

Operating from the city’s prestigious St John’s Innovation Park, Futureworx takes full advantage of being part of the Cambridge ecosystem and is an active member of the start-up scene.

The breadth of experience, expertise and creativity within the Futureworx team, coupled with the power of the Marshall brand, has enabled them to forge a wide range of important strategic relationships with likeminded organisations offering complementary capabilities across a number of different industries.

This collaborative approach is already beginning to pay dividends and deliver some tangible examples of products and services with the potential to address some of the very real and imminent climate change challenges facing our planet.

“Futureworx will continue to take full advantage of being part of the Cambridge ecosystem, as an active member of the city’s start-up scene.”

Chris Walton

Founder, Futureworx