Marshall Futureworx

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Futureworx harnesses the best of Marshall’s engineering expertise and ingenuity to address some of the world’s most challenging problems, bringing the prestigious Marshall brand to new customers and markets.

From uncrewed aviation systems for remote infrastructure inspections to hydrogen-powered flight, we build specialisations around emerging trends such as autonomy, hydrogen, and renewable energy, and create start-up businesses to take these innovative technologies to new markets.

Recent Futureworx innovation includes Lilypad, where one application of this technology provides safe, efficient inspection services for offshore wind farms using resident autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles.

As an active member of the Cambridge start-up scene, based in St John’s Innovation Park, we have forged strategic relationships with likeminded organisations offering complementary capabilities across a number of different industries.

“We develop technologies and build start-up businesses to solve problems of practical significance. Our focus is on creating the stepping stones required to bring technology areas such as autonomy, renewable energy, hydrogen power and related areas to useful applications.”

Kieren Paterson

Managing Director, Futureworx