Marshall welcomes planning permission for Wing

20th May 2016

Marshall of Cambridge has welcomed the decision by the Joint Development Control Committee to approve the plans for the Wing development.

Commenting on the decision, Richard Howe, Managing Director Marshall Group Properties said:

“We are delighted with this decision, which comes as a result of more than 3 years of collaboration between Marshall and our local authorities to create a development which is appropriate for the area and which will help alleviate the pressure on housing in and around Cambridge.”

The proposal for Wing followed discussion between Marshall and the local authorities after Marshall made the decision in 2010 to commit to maintaining its airport-based businesses in Cambridge for the foreseeable future.

Wing will be on land owned by Marshall to the north of Newmarket Road just outside the City boundary. The site includes the Company’s existing North Works engineering, manufacturing and motor retail operations, all of which will be relocated to make way for Wing. The franchised car dealerships and associated activities will remain on site but in a new location. The other operations will be housed in new facilities which will have to be built on the main airport site, or elsewhere in the vicinity. Wing will also include some open land up to and behind the Park & Ride site on Newmarket Road.

Richard Howe added:

“Wing is a complex development which includes significant brown-field redevelopment and the relocation of several business units to secure hundreds of valuable jobs. We are delighted that we have also managed to include a primary school, some retail and commercial space, sports facilities, along with some important improvements to roads and transport connections in the area, together with nearly 400 affordable homes. There is still a lot of work to be done to deliver everything in these plans and we look forward to working with the local authorities and other partners to commence the construction of Wing at the earliest opportunity.”