Marshall to partner with world’s first all amputee aerobatic display team

Marshall to partner with world’s first all amputee aerobatic display team

Marshall have announced an exciting new partnership with the world’s only all Amputee Formation Aerobatic Display Team, Team Phoenix, which will see them work together to promote inclusivity and inspire young people to fulfil their ambitions.

Both of Team Phoenix’s display pilots are above and below knee amputees who will be flying Russian high performance military aircraft in breath taking displays of aerobatics.

Mike Wildeman, Team Leader of Team Phoenix:

“Team Phoenix is delighted to partner with Marshall in what we see as the start of an exciting relationship. We are all about demonstrating to people of all ages and backgrounds that, with the right support and opportunities, they can overcome many of the challenges that life might throw at them and achieve extraordinary things.

“Marshall shares that philosophy and already has a fantastic reputation for the work that it does in its local communities and, in particular, for the employment opportunities it provides to young people through its STEM activity and award winning apprenticeship scheme.

“Like all charities we rely enormously on the support of our partners and hope that by working together, we are able to inspire current and future generations and show that even against adversity, truly anything is possible.”

Marshall CEO Kathy Jenkins comments:

“We have all been inspired by the Team Phoenix story, they are the very embodiment of our organisational purpose, Building Extraordinary Futures, and I am very excited to see what we are able achieve together this year.

“As well as supporting the team’s airshow programme we will be partnering on broader education outreach activity, promoting careers in STEM and demonstrating that absolutely everyone has the potential to be extraordinary.”

About Team Phoenix

Team Phoenix is the world’s only all Amputee Formation Aerobatic Display Team with both pilots above and below knee amputees. The team fly Russian high performance military aircraft. The display features graceful aerobatics with the aircraft looping and rolling in close formation whilst only 2 metres apart.

It is a spectacular display showcasing the roar of the 400 horsepower radial engines and is enhanced by using smoke to draw beautiful patterns in the sky. The balletic spectacle is put to music and includes narration from the teams commentator.

The aim is to showcase the abilities of disabled people, to act as an inspiration to the public and to carry a message of inclusivity and diversity. Our pilots will interact with the public and businesses to promote their unique message. The team can be booked for all public events and airshows.

To find out more and to see where Team Phoenix’s Air Show dates, you can head to their website