Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update - 2nd April

Since my last update, as you would expect, there has been a lot going on and I thought it might be helpful to share some of that with you.

Although the vast majority of our employees are now working from home, we still have around 600 people working either on our sites (mostly MADG) or on the road (mostly MFS). We are hugely proud of and grateful to all of our teams who have adapted to the new ways of working to ensure that we can meet our commitments to our customers on those contracts which have been deemed to be ‘essential’ during the current global crisis.

In addition, as I have alluded to before, we have been working hard with our customers and others to play our part, as Marshall has always done, in the National Effort.

We are closely involved with three of the programmes aimed at increasing the number of ventilators available to the NHS. Two of them we are not allowed to talk about openly yet, but one involves the manufacture of parts and the other the provision of some skilled labour to support increased production at an existing facility in the East of England.

The third programme, Exovent, in which we are one of the partners, offers a really exciting and complementary solution to the problem and is now public knowledge. Some of you may have aleady seen some of the media coverage today:

Business Weekly
The Engineer
Cambridge Network
Warwick University

We have also been working very closely since the virus started to take hold in the UK to support the deployment of ‘our’ field hospital (known as H & B and actually the property of the MOD) in support of the NHS. We have extremely strong support from the local NHS hospitals but are still waiting for the formal go-ahead from London. Everything is in place and we are ready to go at very short notice. I’ll let you know as/when that comes through.

Separately, we are also working with our on-site caterers and key local partners on the ground in East Barnwell (the district of Cambridge in which we sit) to provide ready-to-eat meals for those of our neighbours who are in desparate need of support.

Alongside all of this, MMH has also reopened 62 of their workshops to provide essential aftersales support for key workers across the country. 

Alex Dorrian CBE
Executive Chairman