3D Printing our way to sustainability

3D Printing our way to sustainability

Chris Botting, Materials and Environmental Engineering Manager takes us through how Marshall is recycling polymer products and turning them into brand new components to support our product development and manufacturing efforts.

By taking old, recycled 3D printed parts, used coffee cups lids, plastic bottles and other polymer products and feeding them into the protocycler machine, we are able to grind these items down into small granules of polymer.

These polymer granules feed into the machine and are melted down to produce filament, which is then fed into the 3D printer to create new components.

This process helps to improve our environmental sustainability and should help to dramatically reduce our plastic waste.

Chris has also been demonstrating how the protocycler works at STEM events, including local primary schools as well as Beaver, Cubs and Scout groups.

Take a look at the protocycler and 3D printer in action in the video below.