Our People

Our people remain at the heart of our business; we are committed to their development, with recognition and reward a vital part of this commitment.


Marshall is proud to have trained apprentices continuously since 1920. We manage our own apprentice training in Marshall ADG, which is subject to inspection by OFSTED; the scheme achieved top grades following a monitoring visit in October 2018. Marshall Motor Holdings plc works closely with its partners to deliver brand-appropriate apprenticeships. 


In the years to come we will develop further our apprentice and training programmes through the Marshall Academy. The Marshall Academy aims to create a ‘learning environment that will transform Marshall, prioritise diversity, enrich our people, our customers, our partners and make Cambridge a better place’.

Marshall ADG is a proud member of the 5% Club. The Club consists of UK companies wishing to invest in skills creation and employability, pledging to ensure that at least 5% of its workforce apprentices or students on formal programmes.  Since 2015, Marshall ADG has consistently achieved a result of more than 10%.


A long-standing apprentice programme, commitment to our people values and the personal development of our team means that long service has become a hallmark of the business which we all hugely treasure. 


The MAVTAs (Marshall Achievement, Values and Teamwork Awards) have become an important tool for recognising the amazing contributions made by many of our employees across the whole of the business. Awards are made in seven categories: Business Excellence; Customer Service; Innovation; Best Environmental or Health & Safety Initiative; Team; Services to the Community; and Leadership.