Marshall Group

One Company united by a common purpose and culture, committed to serving our customers and the community.

Founded in 1909, the Group has a turnover of £2.6bn and over 6,300 employees. Headquartered on a 900-acre site in Cambridge, Marshall has three principal arms to the business: Aerospace and Defence; Property; and Ventures.

  • £2.6bn Turnover
  • 6,300+ Employees
  • 900-acre Headquartered site in Cambridge

Our Story

Marshall is a unique private company committed to making a difference through providing support and services to its growing customer base. At its core, Marshall is determined to develop and deliver long-term value whilst also noticeably contributing to making Cambridge a better place.

Group Values

We will remain steadfast to our Values in all circumstances, whatever the short-term cost. Our Values go to the heart of our company and our success.

The Board

The Board is responsible for creating the framework within which the Group operates and is collectively responsible to the Company's shareholders for the direction, promotion and oversight of the Company to ensure its long-term success.